lundi 31 décembre 2012

Yoga And Weight Loss

Yoga involves using all the muscles in the body to hold and balance the various postures, which are part of it. The diverse postures (Asanas) of yoga, work to strengthen your shoulders, legs, lower back, abdominal, hands and your feet.

Flexibility is another great gain from practicing yoga. The stretching and breathing exercises have a positive impact on the body, helping to relax the joints and muscles. The positive impacts of the right postures in yoga... READ MORE

samedi 29 décembre 2012

Weight loss Tips

Sure, most of us keep telling ourselves we need to lose weight, start a diet, stop eating all the junk and get to the gym at least once before our memberships expire... but how many of us actually do it? Let's stop talking about losing weight and actually get down to the business of doing it! Don't procrastinate any further; make the commitment to lose weight right now!

1) Find the best exercises for you personally. Some people don't like crunche ... READ MORE