Milk And Weight Loss

Milk And Weight Loss ; 

In childhood, we heard it: Drink a glass of milk at every  meal. Now TV commercials are touting the weight-loss  effects of milk and other dairy products. Can dairy 
actually keep weight under control? How is that even  possible?

Most people who would like to lose weight have excluded milk in their diet. However, recent studies indicate that they may actually lose weight by drinking it every day instead. They may drink skim milk in order for their bodies to get enough amount of calcium that would help in increasing their body metabolism. When the body is able to achieve better metabolic rate, it is able to make use of the energy more efficiently which in turn will result to losing weight instead of gaining it.

Individuals who love milk but who do not want to put on the additional pounds can choose fat free milk instead of the whole milk. Some people may be allergic to milk but most people can include it in their daily meals. Others with lactose intolerance problem may still enjoy small quantities of milk each day. Simply switching to the kind of milk taken every day can bring a difference for those who have some weight problems.

Whole milk is usually composed of saturated fats from animals. People know that this is not good for their bodies because it tends to increase the cholesterol level in the blood. Fat free milk on the other hand gives lots of calcium for the health benefit of people. Those who drink this kind of milk are also able to prevent bone problems such as osteoporosis. People can drink about 3 cups of not-fat milk every day. They may also combine their milk intake with lots of fruits and vegetables especially for those who would like to lose more weight.

There are also other health related benefits of drinking sufficient amount of fat free milk on a daily basis. The daily supply of calcium protects people from developing colon cancer. It also facilitates the attainment of a stable blood pressure level. Calcium is also needed by the body for blood clotting as well as for nerve conduction and it is needed for muscle contraction too. People may also benefit from the B vitamins that are contained in fat free milk.

People will also have to check labels when buying non-fat milk products. They can get more from those that are fortified with other vitamins like A and D. They also have to make sure that they read the expiration date that is indicated on the milk carton. People have to drink non-fat milk that has been pasteurized for health safety as well. Including milk in the daily diet may help people to lose their weight especially when they drink skim milk instead of whole milk.

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