dimanche 12 juin 2016

Wifi Cancer : The dangerous relationship

We all use cell phones every day. We have become addicted to the device and cannot imagine life without the gadget. The gadgets wireless and portable characteristic makes it user friendly. We are able to talk to somewhere from anywhere, anytime; we can access the internet on the go and use it as an entertainment mode with pictures, videos and music files. The cell phones have been able to bring the world closer. But have we ever thought about the dangers this gadget poses? Are we aware of the fact that this user friendly device could cause cancer?
wifi cancerYes, studies show that cell phones emit radiofrequency (RF) energy, which is another name for radio waves. Since, we hold the phone next to our head, these radiations could affect the central nervous system and other sites of the head and neck.
A 10 year long study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) had concluded that people who talk on the phone for more than half an hour a day for over 10 years are at risk of brain cancer. The study is said to be inconclusive. It hasn't been able to reveal in increased risk but we can't conclude that there is no risk because there are enough findings suggesting a possible risk.
The study was carried out on 13,000 people and focused on both healthy users of mobile phones and those with two types of brain cancer - glioma and miningioma tumors. The heaviest users who use their phones on the same side of their heads had a 40 per cent higher risk for gliomas and 15 per cent for meningiomas.
However, the study is biased and not very accurate for the following three reasons:
1. There could be inaccuracies because participants were asked to remember how much and on which ear they used their cell phones over the past decade.
2. Factors like using hands-free devices during calls or the risk of having phones close to your body-in the pocket or next to the bed at night were not examined.
3. The study was biased because mobile phone companies provided 25 per cent of the funding.
A separate study will be conducted on children using cell phones who are believed to be more susceptible to the effects of radiation. Scientists are also going to examine whether phone use increases the risk of tumors in the ear's acoustic nerve and parotid gland.
By protecting ourselves, and teaching our children to protect themselves, hopefully we'll be able to start a trend whereby people will begin to learn and understand more about cell phones and the dangers they pose. Visit the cell phone safety tips [http://www.cellphonesafetytips.com/] website today to learn more about prevention to help protect yourself & your kids.

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