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After Treatment From A Spine Doctor Houston Patients Often Live Pain Free

When somebody experiences pain, it is very often a clear signal from the body that there is something wrong somewhere. However, to the frustration of many doctors, the location of the pain is not always indicative of the area where the problem exists. In this way, many patients are never diagnosed properly. Many patients give up after consulting several doctors and trying many different types of medication. Thankfully, after being treated by a spine doctor Houston patients often walk away without any pain.
Physicians that focus on backbone are called chiropractors. They certainly see many patients that complain of back pain but it is the backbone that is their main interest. They believe that many types of pain originate in a backbone where the vertebrae is out of alignment. The solution is to make sure that the backbone is perfectly aligned. Chiropractors are not always medical doctors and their field is officially viewed as alternative medicine.

A lot of patients see a chiropractor for back pain but practitioners also treat a host of other conditions. They have had enviable success in treating sports injuries. They also treat arthritic pain, neck pain, headaches and damaged tendons, amongst others. They do not profess chiropractic treatment to be the only option open to their patients and will actually refer patients to a medical doctor if the think it is in the best interest of the patient.

Chiropractic treatment is based upon the belief that backbone that is not aligned places the nervous system under terrific pressure. This, in turn, causes the immune system to falter and natural healing processes therefore do not take place. If the backbone van be aligned, with every vertebra in its proper place, the nervous system will recover and the immune system will go to action, helping the patient to heal naturally.

Chiropractors have more than a hundred different treatment options, all aiming at aligning the backbone. In severe cases it is necessary to physically manipulate each vertebra into its proper place. In many other cases all it takes is to do a professional massage or to use cold and hot packs on the backbone. At worst, the treatment may cause a short period of mild discomfort.

Studies, and there have been many of them, have failed to find any form of danger in chiropractic treatment. In fact, most studies have recorded astonishing results. Patients never develop complications such as dangerous infections because the treatment is never invasive, like surgery, for example. In addition, chiropractors never use drugs and the patients are therefore not subject to potentially harmful side effects. The cost of treatment is normally covered by medical insurance policies.

Helping their patients to keep their spines in proper alignment is a very high priority for most chiropractors. The encourage their patients to take up low impact exercises such as walking or cycling, which strengthen the muscles and increase the flexibility of the body. Sleeping on a firm mattress is also important and patients learn the correct posture when walking or sitting down.

Chiropractors enjoy a very high success rate and more than ninety per cent of their clients day that they are completely satisfied with the results. It is not uncommon for patients to see a chiropractor before they will consider consulting a medical doctor. The fact that the treatment is not invasive is also a big plus for most patients.

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