mardi 7 février 2017

Sun Laboratories, Professional Quality From Home

Sun Laboratories
By Haywood Hunter

For almost thirty years Sun Laboratories has been providing their customers with professional quality tanning products at home. The range of products provided come in different shades and applications to give people the most convenient option for them. Sun Laboratories gives a professional quality product that can be used at home and without the professional quality prices that many tanning spas offer.

The sunless tanning spray made by Sun Laboratories has a unique design that provides an even tan to rival many tanning booths. Sun Laboratories tanning liquid is of professional quality. The spray comes in an aerosol can that lets you spray easily and evenly all over. The system is made to be hands free so the mess is minimal.

Roll n Tan offers and easy and efficient way to spread the tanning liquid. Like the aerosol spray there is no rubbing in, therefor no mess. The Roll n Tan system by Sun Laboratories also comes with an expandable head to provide you with easier access to difficult areas so you can apply the product without the help of a friend.

The tanning lotion is formulated to spread evenly and easily. As a moisturizing lotion it absorbs deeper into the skin to give a darker, more intense tan. Sun Laboratories fast absorbing and dries quickly for less mess and work. The better absorption of Sun Laboratories lotion also means a longer lasting effect and keeps looking beautiful all year long, no matter what the weather outside is like.

For a beautiful, streak free, facial tan, Sun Laboratories has come up with their unique face lotion. Its hypo allergenic formula can be used with all skin types, even people with the most sensitive skin. The Sun Laboratories formula spreads evenly so there are no blotches or missed spots. And the moisturizers help reduce the look of wrinkles and even out the face tone.

With the Sun Laboratories tanning foam you get a deep intense tan like the lotion. The mouse like texture makes spreading easy and even. The foam is quick drying and provides a natural, streak free look. Skin elasticity and over all appearance is also benefited from the moisturizing effects of the foam.

For people who are looking for a deeper, more intense looking tan than what is provided, then Sun Laboratories offers the Super Booster option. This can be added to any Sun Laboratories sunless tanning liquid to give and even darker appearance. The Super Booster also give the formula a longer lasting effect.

For all your other tanning and skin care needs Sun Laboratories has may other products for you. From moisturizer to sun screens to exfoliating shower gel, all the stuff you will need to maintain your beautiful skin. These products are specifically designed to maintain your tan. They provide all of these professional quality products at an affordable price for everyone to use.

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