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Chief Details Concerning What Mist Spray Tan Does

Caucasians have a hallmark pale skin. Some people point out that the main reason for this is because they live in areas where the sunlight is weak. Evolution hence did not see the need to bless them with melanin, the darkening agent found in other races, especially Africans. Of course why they do is open to debate, and so most opt to use artificial color such as a mist spray tan to darken up their skin just a little bit.

Also known as indoor tanning, the use of mist spray tan to darken ones looks has the world completely taken by storm. It is so popular that it is raking in excess of millions of dollars per year in the US alone. The young and the old alike are thronging into salons daily just to get this miraculous instant color from the mist spray tan.

Although mist spray tan can be used in the comfort and privacy of ones home, professional results are best achieved in a salon by experienced technicians. They ensure that the mist spray tan is evenly applied to avoid splotches or patches. Even the hard to reach areas such as the back do get a good work-over. Bikini areas are also sprayed to avoid leaving behind a pale bikini line.

The use of a mist spray tan has gained such massive popularity since it was introduced in the eighties. This has led to the mushrooming of hundreds of salons in Britain and the United States of America to cater for the growing numbers of clientele seeking quick coloring using mist spray tan products. It has easily rise to become a multi-million dollar industry.

Mist spray tan is approved for applying and rubbing into the skin both in the UK and the USA. However, there have been concerns by leading health researchers that inhalation of the mist could have far-reaching health repercussions. The main ingredient, dihydroxyacetone, or DHA as it is commonly referred to, has been singled out as a potentially harmful agent if inhaled.

Washing will not remove the mist spray tan as long as it is delayed by about four hours. The new look lasts for about 5 days because but once the top skin sheds, the color also fades and one will hence need a new application. Exfoliating the skin before applying the mist spray tan and then keeping well moisturized afterwards can help it stay even longer, say up to 10 days.

The effect of the mist spray tan is temporary and may last for up to about five days. The reason is that only the top layer of skin is dyed and this usually sheds off naturally to allow for emergence of new skin. When it sheds, one will need another tanning session to maintain the new color. Dry skin also sheds much faster and therefore to slow the process of shedding, frequent use of a moisturizer is indicated.

The effect produced by the usage of a mist spray tan is way much more superior compared to other sunless browning techniques. This is because one will always turn brown in various shades depending on the mist, and not orange. Also because application is by way of spraying and not rubbing, a most favorable even-toned color is arrived at.

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