vendredi 30 janvier 2015

Discover Energy Therapy As An Alternative Healing Technique

The concept that restoring balance to the energy levels of the body can promote health and wellness is central to one type of alternative healing. This modality is known as energy therapy and it involves the manipulation of these biological force fields through one or more techniques which are used to bring about a state of equilibrium which some believe critical to improved health and recovery from illness.

Originating from an Eastern school of thought, this practice began to evolve as technology and awareness of the forces of electricity and magnetism grew. This resulted in the advent of the use of machines in medicine for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment. Unlike equipment such as x-ray and radiation machines, the success of this approach has not been scientifically proven, although many practitioners swear by its efficacy.

Proponents of this healing approach have suggested that it can actually help slow down unnatural cell growth such as that in cancer. Its practice is also associated with alleviation of pain and stronger immunity. This kind of therapy is categorized as either that which employs an outside source of energy or that which works with the body's existing "biofields".

The former style of energy-field modifications are administered through the use of any one or combination of devices designed for this purpose. Most of these machines utilize such forces as electricity, magnetism, and microwave or infrared heat. Examples include the "Zapping" machine, Rife machine, and BioResonance tumor therapy.

The biofield approach seeks to influence the purported internal and surrounding energy fields of the human body. This can be achieved through physical contact between the practitioner's hands and the patient's body, or by using the hands but merely aligning them with the body and not actually touching it. Examples include healing touch, Reiki, and therapeutic touch, all of which share the common objective of balancing the body's energies.

The medical community does not at this point in time fully accept this alternative form of healing. Evidence indicative of its effectiveness in alleviating pain and symptoms associated with cancer and other diseases is rather limited in both scope and source, originating largely from individual claims or small, restricted studies.

While biofield manipulation comes with no risks, electromagnetic stimulation carries the very uncommon risk of device malfunction, and it is not recommended for patients with defibrillators or pacemakers, but overall it is quite safe. However, this treatment is intended to complement conventional medical intervention, not replace it. 

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