samedi 31 janvier 2015

Reasons Why The Airbrush Self Tan Method Is Favored By Many Fake Suntan Fanatics

It's possible to attain a lovelier complexion without sitting under the scorching sun. So many of today's artificial tanning fanatics go for the airbrush self tan solution. Especially if it's something done at a beauty salon, the most realistic result can be achieved. Making this possible is the expertise of the attendants and the UV-free tanners that they apply.

When armed with their airbrushing instruments, the pros can give their customers the kind of complexion achieved at the beach. The application is facilitated by the fact that most indoor tanners used these days are tinted, allowing the experts to effectively avoid blotches. A noticeable change in skin tone shows up as soon as the sprayed solution is administered.

The immediate skin darkening caused by the applied tinted tanners is only temporary and can be easily washed off with water. However, it is the active ingredient in these products called DHA that creates a fake suntan that stays around for up to a week. It takes DHA about 3 hours to produce the initial color change that intensifies further in the next 24-72 hours.

Obtained from plant sources, DHA can effectively cause the darkening of your skin's uppermost layer. The good news is you don't have to be subjected to excessive UV rays coming from the sun to see the result. Because you don't have to sunbathe just to look and feel more appealing, you can have peace of mind that you are not putting your health in danger each time.

With the help of the industry experts, anyone can obtain the complexion of his or her dreams. UV-free tanners on the current market come in an assortment of shades, ranging usually from very dark to light. Most of the time, the airbrushing pros will recommend which color intensity is perfect for their customers to help them attain a fake suntan that looks very natural.

It's completely up to you whether you want your whole body to be airbrushed or certain parts only. By letting the pro carry out the difficult job for you, there is no need to endure the most common downsides encountered by those who do it at home instead. Some of them include a blotchy result, heavily stained palms, and the inability to reach certain body areas.

The airbrushing service is preferred by many artificial tanning fanatics and it doesn't come as a surprise. If you are planning to undergo it, remember to step foot inside the best tanning salon in your area. You can find the right establishment to visit by researching online or getting the personal recommendations of family, friends or associates.

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